MoposGARAGE presents The top 10 #MicroBlogSites: which one suits you?

These are simple sites that enable people to share short pieces of information, some in all formats. That is video,mp3, jpeg and all that. These are more of realtime streams, that many people have embraced.
And they Are?

well you can as well try them out and see which one suits you. I think twitter leads all.


So Finland Finish elementary to add Coding & Programming to homework.

This is quite amazing and calls for a thumb up. As a code addict and programmer i am impressed, that Elementary children in Finland will be learning basic coding, now think of them at college. They would be programmers i guess. I personally got exposed to html, php in 2010-to now, teenage then. This means Finish children will literally be amature programmers before college. Read more at
Finland Eyes Programming Classes for Elementary School Students