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#throwback THURSDAY

Today i helplesslessly sat down thinking of what to write to the loyal readers and followers of this blog, in vain coming up with nothing. They say writing should come naturally, guess what “throw back Thursday” came in my mind. Its apopular club theme, bar and restaurant cliche and popular hashtag especially when giving back.
so what are you throwing back? you may ask! Well i made up my mind to give this blog a new look and i stumbled into a theme “confit” which is a restaurant based theme. But i liked it so i applied it, as a self throwback. And also to welcome you int6 anew year. Well wishes have come late, dont worry you can still take them in. I also want to here frow you, for i got mixed up and this blog got shaky. “thats the price 4 having a heartbreak in the line of duty” ha ha” not so emotional though.
TIP:You might wanna go to any hangout today i recommend a bar and grill or restaurant: you may stumble into a throwback pliz follow me @NuveySHAWN On

Moguap Ink: fashion and music label!

fashion and music: Moguap Ink is both a fashion and music label based in kampala, managing already two artists. The label manages genres including hiphop, dancehall/reagea, rNb,spokenword, poetry or flowtry. Listen to music> Moguap Ink is a sister to this blog, so most of the activity will brought to your attention through this blog. here is the official facebook page |

FAMILY GUY: SO Brian dies in the latest Screening of the Comedy.

For starters its an animation, cartoon name it that originated from 1999 by creator Seth Mcflarane uptodate. The serie has so far reached as far as 12 seasons. On its latest screening in America, on Fox Tv, Brian the Dog in the show like comedy dies. Its so unfortunate, despite his drinking and partying he some times makes a lot of sense out of life. He has ambitions of becoming a novelist. Wait! He is even dead in the comedy as Peter Griffin concludes “he was the best do” he ever hard. Many people in reaction to this have requested Fox tv to reconsider bringing him back. Well thats the spoiler of the show