That Girl!

Idont even call her girl friend. Ijust went to the same primary school with her. Thats all i remember! After primary school lost sight of her for like 3 years. And every time i met her she looked beautiful. I discovered she dropped out of school though became a deep christian. I am seeing some one else but i keep thinking of her as an old Friend!
SHE smiles and laughs whenever we meet. Funny i never ask for her number like am meant to keep meeting her see her smile and leave. I noticed she has a man who treats her good. I have a girl who i also treat agood but that girl! Its funny i dont remember her name!


Lessons from #NelsonMandela R.i.p: he showed us the need to Follow our dreams

The world has us making crooked smiles. Friends tend to hold us back. Many things come up in our way and they weigh heavy on us. The anchor of envy makes us sink in one position without progress. But you should know if you have dreams you have aright to go for them.
THIS is a lesson i derived from the struggles of Nelson Mandela 1st southAFRICAN president, champion of peace, of apartheid. He had adream to deplete the apartheid power over SouthAFRICA. Today he was annouced dead at 95. May he rest in peace.

Only when her pants drop:

Do you believe in love at first sight? Me i dont its only attraction nothing else, because love has to grow!
Its funny a certain Chap says he loves his girlfriend only when her pants go down! He only calls when the urge to lay her arises, the need for him to bond. They fight and force and his only excuse is “you started it” He doesnot treat her like he supposed to! Gets losts only to appear to ask for whats between her legs. is sHe a sex machine whose efficiency is for him? so sad but thats what #imaginary6 told me last night