When one mentions Microsoft you probarbly think of xbox consoles. Well when one mentions Sony, its Psps and Ps 1,2-4 consoles ring a bell. Well this past week Miscrosoft and Sony released their latest consoles and sold big, million consoles in 24hours. That is Miscrosofts-XBOX ONE And Sonys’ Ps4. This is a real techie competition well in uganda we sit down wait and enjoy variety by playing one at a time. These consoles are highly upgraded cant wait to lay hands on one. Read more from


Nothing was The Same: most emotional Aubrey ‘ @DRAKE ‘ Graha, album @drizzydrake

May say am so into drake music, and i tell them it is poetry to me. His album is the most emotional one so far, for rapper and singer as well. Drake’s emmotional approach to music has grown in nothing was the same
Many of you will agree if you checked it out on I-TUNES,AMAZON.COM and other mp3 downloads sites.

Am not mean as a scorpion so i decidep to share this embed code:

of his singles i hope it works! #teamdrizzy

Would you marry a reformed prostitute!? #NOPE_YES

For what reason one would say. I just listened to radio and that was the topic and am like what what! Its a challenging one. Many married men do indulge with grown assh+prostitutes for that sex(what else) They claim their wives dont work it out.

Back to the matter, i dont think so. To marry a reformed prostitute and indulge with her as my wife not to lie i dont think so. But it also depends on how we met. On the other hand yes with reasonable doubt about her, its 25 to life. I dont know about you but a prostitute deserves marriage to get rid of the sin.

So Finland Finish elementary to add Coding & Programming to homework.

This is quite amazing and calls for a thumb up. As a code addict and programmer i am impressed, that Elementary children in Finland will be learning basic coding, now think of them at college. They would be programmers i guess. I personally got exposed to html, php in 2010-to now, teenage then. This means Finish children will literally be amature programmers before college. Read more at
Finland Eyes Programming Classes for Elementary School Students

Song of Chickens

Master, you talk with boss
Arrows and catapults once
Your hands steaming with hawk to load.
To protect your chicken.
Why do you talk with knives now?
Your hands steaming with eggshells
And hot blood from your own Chicken
Is it to impress your vistors

hope you liked it and trying to meditate the opportunism of the chickens’ master!

Letter to @MISTERDEEJAY: @97fmradiocity

Great show it was last night especially when you played, power trip-jcole. Since there was no guest for the show, i sat back at home thinking, thinking………
Maybe i could be the guest for the show. #SNMS(Saturday night Mic show). I remembered a question my friend asked me. Him:: why dont you drop that ka track of yours at radiocity 97fm? Okay i know where the station is but idont know the procedures to follow. I recorded this track months ago, i was vibing on a drake beat. I feature a friend who gives it a lunyakole touch. However the question is many people may wonder or ask the same question as me(musical Aye) so what is the answer for them.
Besides that i w├Ânder if any one enjoys the show as i do. Those mixes, and guests. Talking about guests, am thinking i could be one after next saturday. Dont laugh its music business. I could premier that little piece of mine.

snmsly yours
ayemofly snms fan

The first African Web_Browser: ANANSI 1.0 WRITTEN By Raindolf Owusu(computer science student)

This is a techie wrecking ball to old conservatism about technology @atwine_moris (his twitter handle) you will agree with me. For a minute lets forget opera, orca, safari and think about : Amansi web browser 1.0 its the deal now. Am a little Pan african_techie and i am liking this browser.

It Has offline features such as webCAM, music which you can play while off line. Damn, its favourable to our African unreliable internet. Anansi is by a Ghanian, from Accra read more at : Ghanaian Launches Anansi Browser- Africa’s First Web Browser |


#Pride, is yes not pride per se, its Navios’ forthcoming album that is due to be realesed soon. According to last saturday 9th interview of @mrdeejayug with Navio on saturday night mic show(SNMS) He disclosed to his fans about the album. ”Its hardcore” as he termed it. It features ‘she go kill me” rmx featuring Sarkodie, Wizkid, Navio, Ice prince.

Am not gone, Am ‘GONNA’ BE:

Am not gone, Am ‘GONNA’ BE: off posting nothing. To all of you humble followers. Reason is, i have my final exams lined Up, and yeah! I need some time off to focus on education. Don’t pull faces, because i promise when am done: garantee’ daily posts, i swear. And iwill be dedicated.

yours truly