#YOLO is no excuse to getting Wasted.

It is true You only live Once(YOLO) yes its very true. You could die any minute from now before even reading the last word of this blog. Well your still alive reading this right. Okay many of my folks are taking the phrase #YOLO as an excuse to do anything they ‘wanna’ like getting wasted, ‘f kng’ who they want to.

since tommorow is world Aids day {1st december} i guess so. Many youth who claim #YOLO go out and a head to have fun with care that is wreckless. If yes Yolo why dont you fear to go for HiV testing and you know you are messing with Her, unprotected. Or him unprotected.

So would you break a window because of Yolo.?’ Or have an abortiön and yet it felt good sticking in. Am just saying! Okay think of the things that you ‘ve done offensive as they are and you concluded “YOLO” yes YoLO only if its safe and no offending any one.


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