A view in the Weekend.

Well thats the price I am paying for being in Vacation. I plan the weekends since theres’ no work to be done. That means i am un occupied by many things. Today being a friday, been thinking of things to do in a promising weekend like this one. Well i happened to tune my mind into hardcore sounds besides that underground music. Or Nas on “hate me now”

So i got hit up by reagea show #dancehallAFRICA by http://silverstarsound.com {silver star djs} twitter (@silverstarsound). And my view for the weekend changed into a hard core öne, dedicated to listening to dancehall music of the likes of #konshens, RomanVIRGO @busysignal @voicemail. Well with a little mixture of reagea roots. BTW BUSY SIGNALs -BUMAYE WENT planTINUM in Denmark, this inspired me to stick on listening to dancehall. Yes and thats how am going to crown the weakend!


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