Lately i have been talking Techie and setting aside certain topics, well i was doing my #NOPE research on two types of Tapes. Am not talking Casette tapes no! But files that are digital and compiled may be. First at the beginning of this month a SexTAPE from one of Ugandas public universitiy leaked{lack of a better word went viral} Al the newspaper headlines read in the viral UcU SEXTAPE. As Ugandans this is a cropping trend that many University kids are taking up{i mean it Kids} Well every Ugandan who had acess to this tape am sure had a view of it. And yet earlier on RuyongaMUSIC(a kampala based rap artist) had released a mixtape which inspire #LETTER RUYONGA.

THE tape View

The point here is many sextapes continued to be released from various Universities which seemed to be a break through.
Many Ug artists make mixtapes that dont even get heard by a half the radio listeners in the country. Instead of us embracing sextapes and ignoring mixtapes made by our own artists. We tend to complain “MBU our rappers are not making music!” and yet sextapes leak get viral and the entire internet population views. Its unfortunate that these things dont happen to mixtapes.



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