The @AIRPOrTAXI 808’S: AND who said @tuckerHD is a forcer!

Just to take you back, about 3 years ago TALENT AFRICA(a record label) organised an URBAN STAR-search at Club Rouge in kampala, where the trio @officialllyboc , @TUCKERHD , @MARThaSMALLz (AIRPORTAXI) emerged as the finalists. So Martha became the Vocal act and Llyboc, Tucker became the rap fit.
I remember i wanted to take part in the competition, but being a student going in the boarding i was hurt, i missed it to report to school. Few months later Marthas’ young sis Rhoda was in the same school with me updates me of the progress of the trio. I got shocked! When i listened to their first single To the music slowly till now am following the competition i was to meet if i joined the competition. I now sit back and write about this trio as Ugandas amazing young hiphop group.
Who says Tucker is a Forcer?
when Tucker mentioned 808’s {trios’ latest track} in a tweet i stayed tuned till its release. Alot of chaps claim Tucker forces the ‘spittin’ but i dont think so. 808’s is a verification that TuckerHD IS still amazing as well as the whole trio. So let them yapp and gapp.
“she gat more space than panamera”- Llyboc
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