Letter to @MISTERDEEJAY: @97fmradiocity

Great show it was last night especially when you played, power trip-jcole. Since there was no guest for the show, i sat back at home thinking, thinking………
Maybe i could be the guest for the show. #SNMS(Saturday night Mic show). I remembered a question my friend asked me. Him:: why dont you drop that ka track of yours at radiocity 97fm? Okay i know where the station is but idont know the procedures to follow. I recorded this track months ago, i was vibing on a drake beat. I feature a friend who gives it a lunyakole touch. However the question is many people may wonder or ask the same question as me(musical Aye) so what is the answer for them.
Besides that i wönder if any one enjoys the show as i do. Those mixes, and guests. Talking about guests, am thinking i could be one after next saturday. Dont laugh its music business. I could premier that little piece of mine.

snmsly yours
ayemofly snms fan