true story
Believe me or not, but this is true. A time ago, if the sentence is right. A certain girl as she grew up, many males told her a lot of things and most especially about how she løøks like. They told her: ‘yo ugly, ugliness just’. She walked home always and looked in the mirror, and she concluded ” indeed am this ugly”
SHE, was also in a girls boarding school, and the girls there told her:’ah your breasts are so big, jugs, ugly just. Your titties bad!” she again looks in the mirror and concludes, ” OMG they are big”. She thus thought of what to do! She opted for small size Bras, and tight tanks so that she could make her breasts look small or even get compressed.
what resulted? She got breastcancer. SHE GOT #BREASTCANCER! She now had to suffer the ugliness of trying to change her original beauty. Who cared? Not even the girls who claimed she was ugly. Thats how sad it is to be influenced and you end up suffering instead of being improved! And breast cancer kills….


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