Letter to Ruyonga!: mixtape is victoryLAP.

Listening to #SNMS on 97fmRADIOCITY i got me thinking…… How marvellous Ruyonga is! Ruyonga is victory in this ++rap thing. I heard you say ” i am a lyricist” Ru yes you are. This Victory Lap is amazing. Its a mixtape am told. Of course i heard that. ”Whats competition? I dont see it” as i asked my conscience. Every joint on that mixtape am sure is amazing. Mrdj just sampled most of the songs and trust me that, #Mafikizolo-kona rmx is a strike. Then that “yes song” a bomb. “heaven sent” boy you murdered it, am sure you probarbly let Nas down. Very amazing!
Yours sincerely.

fan1234RUyonga! http://ruyongamusic.tumblr.com http://misterdeejay.ug


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