Took away

Are u interested in fame.
We forget You then you remind us with taking away someone.
The touch of your hand non-livingthings, every thing.
Dont call her name we need her.
Come away.
Your pain n sorrow.
Bad enough your older than me, so u may even exist for another century.


Today i seen her
tomorow another ├Âne.
Now happy havin fun.
Wont know if she may use her Gun.
Yes she did use it. And thats her beauty.
You never know wats in stock for you-realy
The clamity
The impunity
The instability.
The freakin randomality.
By robert A

My annevasary Poetry.

*%@# Gud.
U say yes n i say yes.
U get in ma mess.
I get in yo mess.
N we become like a game of chess.
Lets stick to our values our love wont be less.
We humans. Animals are emotion-less.
The feelin’ deep in ma ma chest.
U guide me, i know u mean not nonsense.
Without communication we get tense.
N’ i want to confess.
Lets forget the fight, lets leave it in past tense.
And gain the right sense.

T’is not what i prepared 4 our anniversary.

But yeah!