Rappers of this age: Addiction to Quotables

Rappers of our days have employed ‘quotables’ in their tracks today, which make them sound as great rappers. Something you quote from the songs they sing.
Number one on the list is Drake-wats a star wen the most important fun is missin.’
wale-hood girls want asmart niggah.


Took away

Are u interested in fame.
We forget You then you remind us with taking away someone.
The touch of your hand non-livingthings, every thing.
Dont call her name we need her.
Come away.
Your pain n sorrow.
Bad enough your older than me, so u may even exist for another century.


Today i seen her
tomorow another ├Âne.
Now happy havin fun.
Wont know if she may use her Gun.
Yes she did use it. And thats her beauty.
You never know wats in stock for you-realy
The clamity
The impunity
The instability.
The freakin randomality.
By robert A

My annevasary Poetry.

*%@# Gud.
U say yes n i say yes.
U get in ma mess.
I get in yo mess.
N we become like a game of chess.
Lets stick to our values our love wont be less.
We humans. Animals are emotion-less.
The feelin’ deep in ma ma chest.
U guide me, i know u mean not nonsense.
Without communication we get tense.
N’ i want to confess.
Lets forget the fight, lets leave it in past tense.
And gain the right sense.

T’is not what i prepared 4 our anniversary.

But yeah!