Inspired by music from Alicia Keys

By Karma is a b……tch and death is the sister. Today listening to my Alicia keys music, paid attention to karma. This inspired this post. Idont know if fellow bloggers blog with inpiration! But karma by Aliciakeys will always work for me, thats my word. “what goes around, comes back around” quoting from karma, does make sense. Karma, appeals to relations that go bad or to people hurting people, then comes back around.

Also on the play list there was this other soothing tune produce by kanyewest, “you dont know my name”by Aliciakeys. This made me recall that inever introduced my self to many girls who claimed they new my name!
Unless we do unthinkable, by the way Aliciakeys has a song titled “unthinkable” and Drake backs her uP. Its amazing!
May be am Taken up by Aliciakeys music today. Since its happymothers day today, i recomend her music to you for you mums, baby mamas mum, mumsbabymama. May Alicia just gave birth to = a MopostGARAGE post.


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