The quotes i want to share.

Okay, first things first. Better late than never. Try and fail, but dont fail to try. Almost every knows these. But in this feature am sharing some of the quotes you may know or dont. Just reflect on them later.

*if you knew better you do better.
*it aint’ over till its over.
*too much money aint’ enough money.
*they cant hurt you without your conscent.
*too much is to little, and to little is to much.
*we forget our own wrongs to remember others’ pitfalls.
*those aiming to throw you down will fall with you but you willbe sitting on their heads. Follow Robert the cöntributor.


One thought on “The quotes i want to share.

  1. Mob tymz i wönder y ts the youth that ever mess up.i wönder f we hv failed to set simple rulez that we can follow or we r tryin 2 hv fun in wrng ways.we ever think when ts too late and we neva want to accept our mistakez.f only we cud acpt to listen n do the ryt thng,we wud b the pride v every1

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