The idont want, but have to situation

Yes, rain, its wet,hailstorms,thunder &lightening that is the usual. But there are situations in the day today setting that are pressing and yet one has to go through them. ‘These idont want to do this and that-situations’, almost happen to everyone and yet you have to do the activity in question(go to school)

Now, the situation could be for example this one. One has an exam in the morning and it is raining heavily to apoint of not stopping. So the individual continues to sweep(the cold, after all its raining) but you have to make it for an exam.

Also the IAM broke & ihave to lie to get chance to makeup and clear the debts let say you are afamily guy/wife and you promise your child atoy, but you dont have enough to spare for it but you have to incurr adebt or work two jobs to beABLE to provide even more toys not just one. Those are the rafftimes people experience.


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