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Inspired by music from Alicia Keys

By Karma is a b……tch and death is the sister. Today listening to my Alicia keys music, paid attention to karma. This inspired this post. Idont know if fellow bloggers blog with inpiration! But karma by Aliciakeys will always work for me, thats my word. “what goes around, comes back around” quoting from karma, does make sense. Karma, appeals to relations that go bad or to people hurting people, then comes back around.

Also on the play list there was this other soothing tune produce by kanyewest, “you dont know my name”by Aliciakeys. This made me recall that inever introduced my self to many girls who claimed they new my name!
Unless we do unthinkable, by the way Aliciakeys has a song titled “unthinkable” and Drake backs her uP. Its amazing!
May be am Taken up by Aliciakeys music today. Since its happymothers day today, i recomend her music to you for you mums, baby mamas mum, mumsbabymama. May Alicia just gave birth to = a MopostGARAGE post.

The quotes i want to share.

Okay, first things first. Better late than never. Try and fail, but dont fail to try. Almost every knows these. But in this feature am sharing some of the quotes you may know or dont. Just reflect on them later.

*if you knew better you do better.
*it aint’ over till its over.
*too much money aint’ enough money.
*they cant hurt you without your conscent.
*too much is to little, and to little is to much.
*we forget our own wrongs to remember others’ pitfalls.
*those aiming to throw you down will fall with you but you willbe sitting on their heads. Follow Robert the cöntributor.

The idont want, but have to situation

Yes, rain, its wet,hailstorms,thunder &lightening that is the usual. But there are situations in the day today setting that are pressing and yet one has to go through them. ‘These idont want to do this and that-situations’, almost happen to everyone and yet you have to do the activity in question(go to school)

Now, the situation could be for example this one. One has an exam in the morning and it is raining heavily to apoint of not stopping. So the individual continues to sweep(the cold, after all its raining) but you have to make it for an exam.

Also the IAM broke & ihave to lie to get chance to makeup and clear the debts let say you are afamily guy/wife and you promise your child atoy, but you dont have enough to spare for it but you have to incurr adebt or work two jobs to beABLE to provide even more toys not just one. Those are the rafftimes people experience.


Did you know that that there are somany tees’ in this post. But the most important tee’ is tea.
By the way tea is very important to ones health, and if öne drinks regulary the better. Tea helps to burn calories in your body. Lose some fat through tea, drinking. Unlike the soft drinks that we take on a regular.
*some how tea calms one after alöng day’s struggle.
*in the cold weather tea could warm you up incase there is no fireplace, sweater, or partner.
>so drink some tea today. Some of the info find it @

Coldest Night


We loose light.
Day fights night.
Eclipse all nite.
No birds up, only two kites.

The wind blows n its cold.
Fury is ablanket.
Jealousy da jacket.
Hate da apartment.
Rage inda parliament.
Sins operate.
Da devils associate.
Our hearts da government.

whose benefiting from da unbenefiting.

Devils pride is yo ruin.
Peoples joy is yo whimes.
Enemiz sererenity is wen yu out of da way.

So da nite gets cold as the stories is Told.
Then wats gold, to a2year old.

So it goes like,
theres to much ice.
Ablock in yo heart.
Pumpin cold blood.
Oh u cold blooded.
Oh u cold hearted.