Do You Remember Me?| This Ekky Song got me Sinking In Thoughts

 I think we where lovers X10

Though in the song its about x5 times. The Song #REMEMBER is about a month and a half by Ugandan House artist Ekky, who has for long persisted and constitently stuck to this genre that not so many understand. In fact when its an argument one cant quote within Uganda if House artists are being discussed among those who are clue less. That aside the song got me thinking how SH*T happens real quick (if you allow that for, due to the emotions). Anyway i like the song but i hate the fact that it reminds me of so much that i used to love. May be thats one reason i love music, reminds me a lot? I do listen to rap music like almost all day but this song came to play because i love music on SHUFFLE, an there was no way i would avoid it.

Cover art: Do You remember me

So much went through my mind, thinking of a loved one i was down for you know, I LOVE YOU TILL memories started popping in my mind. It hurts when things change when you are at your best moments but what can you do. Promises may be are like rules, somebody got to break them–May be?. So firm promises are are like genuine rules that you may violate but still get directed through.

If i knew better i would Do better

Thank God that Chris Brown Song followed next on play, i then asked my self, did i let her go or she let me go? The answer is simple she let me go! The nature of my play list i kind of thought was planned by someone soon as i consoled my self with if i knew better i would do better song, deuces immediately followed and i realized i had to bury these bitter sweet thoughts.


THE 256ers



The pearl of Africa tag was granted to us because we are obviously very endowed as a country (pick your mind from the gutter, physical beauty and everything else your SST teacher told you…what were you thinking??) and we have carried it proudly for years on end.

Take a bus to Karo Karungi and you will know why it was called that, go north to the plains of Kidepo Valley National Park or looking for the sunset in Murchsion falls National Park, have you stopped at the old train station next to the post office to watch the sunset with a friend or a lover as the abandoned train carriages lie below you in the dark while you bathe in the glow from the platform? (Platform 9 and three quarters wouldn’t hold a candle to that experience). Yes we are the Pearl in Africa’s crown and no one will ever…

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HipHop Uganda Live SHow Every Sunday @8Pm hosted By NuveySHAWN

HipHop Uganda Live SHow Every Sunday @8Pm hosted By NuveySHAWN.

Hey eveery one

Its been a while, i have been up and down building on a number of thingds in my life. well the link above is to a podcast i host on a website i co own and co founded. I know what you are thinking, yess am into podcasts these days. I host the show every sunday @8pm, on Issues concerned with Ugandan HipHop.

My scarlet Pink arrival.

For a long time i have not been posting anything because i have had alot of breakdowns that kept me away from posting even a single word. But i want to say to you that i am back and fresher for i got my self a new wave of inspiration. Scarlet pink you may ask but its simply my facebook friend who i realised posts content for daily inspiration, worth reading. Thats why i chose to title this post in her names.